My personal story: how to become a musician

*NOTE, a lot of my story is about learning how to scream and being a screamer. Further down the post there are my attempts to learning how to become a singer. The singing progress starts from “2009 and on”. Keep that in mind if you decide to play any tracks.*

Singing, er, screaming in a band has led to some of my most fondest, scariest and broke-ist memories.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to be able to tour a little bit, self-release a few EPs/LPs, and my bands have shared the stage with much more talented and successful musicians like August Burns Red, We Came as Romans, Misery Signals, Emarosa, Emmure and a ton more.

Being in a band isn’t usually like ‘Almost Famous’ especially if you were not well known band like we were. Most of the time you’re sleeping on someone’s floor (if you’re lucky) or in the parking lot of Walmart after playing a set to 50 kids. Your band-mates can be unpredictably annoying, your van will constantly break down in several different ways at the same time, and your album will be downloaded more times on torrent sites than it sold…by quite a lot.

But being in a band inspired me to be the very best musician I could be by pushing me to constantly practice and improve.

But eventually…as all tiny little bands do…we become frustrated, broke and burnt out, our band broke up and we all went our separate ways.

After taking a break from writing music for nearly 3 years, this time I’ll be trying to make music a different way in a new project with Shane called Unlovable. I’m hoping over the course of this project Shane and I can share something of value to you. This time, we’re both ready to apply a bit more direction to the process of growing as musicians and document it all so we can share what we’ve learned so far and how you can apply it to your own music. We’d love to hear some feedback from you as we share our early and current progress, and hopefully further down the line – we’ll write some music that’ll change you.

Make sure to click “read more” to watch see a photo of me playing my first show (tracking down the video to post), listen to my past music, learn some quick tour tips, and see our plan of action to get better at singing and songwriting.

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